One of the doubts that users always have is how to clean a sex doll. And it is that for its due enjoyment it must have a proper cleaning to avoid bad moments while used, adding that this will extend its useful life for a long time keeping it clean and sexy.

How to clean your sex doll only needs the investment of a few minutes and the right clothing to do it. Here we leave you some tools that will facilitate your cleaning and how they are used for the correct maintenance of your doll.

Vaginal irrigator:

lt is also known as a douche or enema bulb. It is the right tool to wash your doll after using it. You have to fill the inside of the bulb with soap and water and use it inside to clean and rinse the vaginal area. For the best results, you should do it when you finish using it. We recommend that you wash with cold water and then with warm water to complete the disinfection process.

In addition to being an inexpensive and easy-to-use tool, itis required that you move the doll to a place where you can drain the water well. We recommend doing it in the shower.

Brush with a stick:

For additional cleaning. We recommend that you also buy a brush of this type. Due to its shape. It will allow you to rub and clean the interior of the vagina, the anus, and the mouth of the doll well. When scrubbing, you will be cleaning the doll of any residue that remains after use. If left, residues cause a foul smell over time and compromise the state of the doll’s material must be eliminated.

After wetting the doll. Insert the brush filled with soap and water, rub the areas to be cleaned, then rinse. It is essential to buy a soft bristle brush as any rough material can damage the doll.

Hand shower:

Buying a showerhead of this type is an excellent option to clean your wrist. The head allows you to position it so that it cleans the doll after use. An advantage is that with its different adjustable jets, you can quickly clean and remove any residue that the doll has in a few seconds, and since you are already in the shower, you will not make disasters in the process.

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